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If you are planning to open a business, the canton of Zug in Switzerland is worth considering due to its numerous benefits.

Firstly, Zug has one of the lowest tax rates in Switzerland, which can help you save money and increase your profits. The corporate tax rate is only 11.85%.

Secondly, Zug is the Swiss hub of innovation and technology, making it the prime destination for investors and entrepreneurs in various sectors. It is also home to the Swiss Crypto Valley, a cluster of blockchain and cryptocurrency companies spearheading the digital transformation.

Thirdly, Zug boasts a high quality of life, with stunning natural scenery, a multicultural community, and a stable political and legal system.

Lastly, Zug is well-connected to other major cities in Switzerland and Europe by road, rail, and air.

If you want to establish a business in Zug, our team can assist you with the company formation process and provide more information about the opportunities and challenges in this canton.

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