Company Formation Switzerland

Company Formation Switzerland


When it comes to Company Formation, Switzerland is a country which presents a few complex hurdles for entrepreneurs to get started. Registering a Swiss business involves navigating through detailed rules, dealing with different languages, and following specific cultural norms that are important in the Swiss business world.

Nectar Treuhand AG offers efficient and cost-effective services to help clients worldwide register Swiss Companies. We ensure that the entire process is executed with complete confidentiality, trust, and efficiency.

Our specialists will assist any with Nectar Treuhand you with preparing all the documents required for the company formation. This includes statutes and bylaws, acceptance declarations, powers of attorney (if needed), other documents, and permissions as required.


Register a Swiss Company


Our team of specialists assists you with the following necessary steps to register your business:


  • Company Formation Switzerland: our team is specialized in the establishment of different types of companies, such as:


    1. AG (Aktiengesellschaft)
    2. GmbH (Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung)
    3. Foundation/Verein
    4. General and Limited Partnership


  • Company address registration (also referred to as domicile): our team provides two types of registered addresses – P.O. BOX & virtual office.


  • Company name change and / or registration: if you wish to change your company’s name or its purpose, or make changes to the Board of Directors, we can assist with that, too.


  • Company bank account opening: we can help you ensure the required documents are correctly submitted to banks, enabling you to start operating your business account in Switzerland.


  • Business license application (where required): We can also help you with the appropriate licenses and permits needed to start up and manage your business in Switzerland.


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