Tax Planning Switzerland

Ensure optimized tax payments with our expert assistance at Nectar Treuhand. When it comes to tax planning, Switzerland has many advantages which entrepreneurs should be taking advantage of. Our team of consultants provides you with the advice you need to achieve your business’ goals.


Tax Planning Switzerland Services


Could you be paying too much tax? Our seasoned team will help you with the following:

  • Tax returns
  • Tax optimization and tax planning
  • Representation before tax authorities
  • Accounting and consulting for the Swiss and EU VAT
  • Accounting and consulting for the Swiss withholding tax


For entrepreneurs considering investment in Switzerland, acknowledging the significance of cost predictability during business establishment and growth is unanimous. Leveraging effective tax planning, it becomes feasible to optimize and anticipate tax expenditures. Our methodology is rooted in the Swiss tax system, pertinent agreements, global conventions, European Directives, and encompasses the entire gamut of international relationships. This empowers us to ascertain optimal structures for your enterprise, curbing tax liabilities while adhering meticulously to regulations. Hence, tax planning constitutes a holistic procedure that significantly impacts business operations, yielding enduring holding company tax benefits.


Achieving Tax-Efficiency in Your Business


Nectar Treuhand provides a wide range of tax planning Switzerland services for many clients operating in different economic sectors, from small businesses to holding companies and subsidiaries. Our specialists can also advise on implementing tax-efficient structures that enable companies and individuals to operate effectively in Switzerland.

We also provide representation before the Swiss authorities, accounting and consulting services for VAT in Switzerland and the European Union, and Swiss withholding tax. Our goal is to enable our clients to benefit from tax incentives and regulations that are in their favour while complying with the financial laws in Switzerland.


Our team is always ready to help!

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