Work Permit Switzerland

Obtaining a Work permit in Switzerland or a residence permit in Switzerland can be tricky without the help of an expert. Nectar Treuhand can help you obtain:

  • Short–term permits (3 to 12 months)
  • Initial residence permits (1 to 5 years)
  • Permanent residence permits


How to Get Your Switzerland Work Visa

Switzerland is applying a restricted quota system for foreign citizens who want to obtain a Switzerland work visa. The annual quota is divided and released every quarter. By the middle to end of each quarter, the quota is expected to be fully allocated. Therefore applications from citizens who want to obtain a work permit can be delayed until the allocations for the next quarter are released. Foreign nationals should submit work permit applications well in advance to ensure they have all the necessary documents to avoid disappointment.

Individuals cannot work in Switzerland if they enter the country as tourists or on business trips. It is necessary to have a previously signed contract with a Swiss company to obtain a valid work permit. Non – EU citizens are required to obtain a special residence permit with authorization to work in Switzerland. To have a valid Work permit, Switzerland deems it depends on the existing work quotas, educational level and previous work experience. Nectar Treuhand can help you obtain a work permit in Switzerland by handling all the necessary paperwork and authorizations.


Types of Residence Permits

A short–term residence permit (L permit) enables you to work in Switzerland for between 3 months and one year. In some cases, the permit may be extended for another year. An initial residence permit (B permit) is valid for up to 5 years. Permits are issued on a quota basis and are tied to work contracts offered by the same employer. Often these permits are issued for a specific Swiss canton, and you cannot move to another canton.

Permanent residence permits (C permits) are issued to individuals who have been living in Switzerland for 10 years continuously, allowing them to live and work in any Swiss canton. For help obtaining your Switzerland work visa, contact our team of experts at Nectar Treuhand.


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