How to Create a Subsidiary in Switzerland

    Many business owners frequently ask us how to create a subsidiary in Switzerland and whether or not it is a suitable solution for their global business expansion. Switzerland is a highly attractive location for foreign investors considering establishing a subsidiary thanks to its incentivizing financial opportunities and strategic positioning in the very heart […]

Key Considerations for Foreign Companies Establishing a Presence in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most exclusive and most interesting countries around the globe for business opportunities. With the world’s highest Human Development Index (HDI) at .962, a strong economy, and a multicultural environment, it is a hotspot for investors and business owners to expand their business endeavors. However, there are some regulations and key […]

Benefits of Using a Swiss Company Formation Company

Establishing a company in Switzerland can be a strategic move for international business expansion. For any business owner, though, deciphering the complexities of Swiss legislation, tax laws, and administrative procedures may be a challenging and daunting venture. There are many benefits of using a Swiss Company Formation Company to set up your business correctly. Their […]

Proper accounting of Billag credit

The Federal Court has ruled that the Billag fee is not unbinding tax. Retrospectively it is not reimbursed – at least not further back than 01/04/2015. If a company has already paid for the financial statements for the period starting with 1.4.2015, the sum is deducted on your next bill credit. It involves the refund […]

How to start a business in Switzerland

Switzerland is offering a very attractive business environment, including for foreign investors. The Swiss laws allow anyone, including foreigners to start a business in Switzerland, to form a company or to have a financial interest in one. What you should know before you start your own business in Switzerland However, there are certain conditions that […]

AG vs. GmbH in Switzerland – differences and similarities

The most common types of companies established by foreign entrepreneurs in Switzerland are GmbH and AG. Both types of companies have their advantages and disadvantages, therefore the following information might be very useful for those interested in opening a company in Switzerland, to help them make a decision. General information Both an AG and a […]

How to setup a company in Switzerland as a foreigner

Switzerland is one of the world’s largest business centers, due tot the policies conducted by the Swiss government that support a competitive and dynamic business environment, while having strict financial laws at the same time. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that many foreigners are interested in investing in Switzerland, as breaking into the Swiss market […]